Your organization may require acknowledgment,approval, direct consent, or direct involvement from your Director ofTechnology Transfer, General Counsel, IT department, or other leadership beforesubmitting the license. Please coordinate with these stakeholders to determine theappropriate signature necessary to execute the REDCap end-user licenseagreement on behalf of your organization.

Please carefully review all informationon this page before beginning the electronic end-user license agreement locatedin the final section below.

Technical& Non-Technical Support Requirements

The IT infrastructure requirements anddependencies (e.g. PHP web server, MySQL database server, etc.) are detailed on. REDCap isnot difficult to support; one support person can manage hundreds of projects,given appropriate technical resources and user expectations.

All IT support must come from within yourorganization’s own internal IT department. Contracting (even with unpaidvolunteers) is NOT permitted, per the . The technical staff MUST be affiliated with your organization(i.e. employees), not third-party software vendors or service providers. Wealso recommend an internal administrative person (or team) provide day-to-day,non-technical assistance to your REDCap end-users. Please review the FAQ section‘’ for more information about ongoing support requirements.

ConsortiumAssistance & Participation

曲靖棋牌The REDCap consortium maintains aninternal knowledge base and communication platform called . This online portal is accessible only to a limited numberof registered IT staff and REDCap administrators at each current consortiumpartner site. The software, consortium support, and extensive internal documentationare all provided via Community.

The consortium is active beyondCommunity. Regular teleconferences are held for system administrators to find troubleshootingassistance, as well as to discuss new software development, feature prioritization,outstanding support issues, provide educational opportunities, etc. Some ofthese teleconferences are scheduled specifically for certain regions across theglobe, to allow all consortium partner sites the opportunity to participate atconvenient times.

Teleconference attendance and Communityparticipation are optional. To learn more, please review the FAQ section ‘’.

曲靖棋牌Through Community and the regular teleconferences (as well as the annual in-person event), REDCap administrators across the world have contributed ideas for new modules, documentation, business models for supporting institutional projects, testing resources, and technical support for new consortium sites. The consortium truly is the key to REDCap’s success. We would be delighted to have your organization join us.

License Submission Steps

  1. Prior to submission, carefully review the terms and conditions of the .
  2. Complete the .

Please direct all questions to the Vanderbilt REDCap Team at redcap@vumc.org.

曲靖棋牌(NOTE: If you are interested in using a hosted REDCap solution for industry-sponsored trials requiring 21 CFR Part 11 validation, please visit for more information. They are separate from REDCap licensing and the consortium.)