, a knowledge management platform for software downloads, important documentation, support Q&A, and more.  Open to registered administrators only.
  • Weekly all-hands web meetings that cover a variety of topics including the latest REDCap news from the Vanderbilt REDCap team and consortium members; how-to sessions and demonstrations from Vanderbilt; support models and interesting use cases from consortium members.
  • Weekly consortium assistance web meetings with the lead developer for additional technical and administrative support when conversation is needed for a specific issue.
  • Committee and group logistical support as needed to assist with committee tasks and goals.
  • Annual REDCapCon face-to-face meeting for team building, networking and educational opportunities.
  • Personal guidance to resources through redcap@vumc.org.
  • REDCap Mobile App support through redcapapp@vumc.org.
  • The REDCap Consortium is a vital and growing community with many opportunities to lead and serve. Your involvement level, however, is completely up to you.  Feel free to address any questions about the REDCap Consortium to redcap@vumc.org.